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Umicore´s Business Management, BrazeTec, which was formed from Degussa Löttechnik, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality brazing alloys and solders, brazing alloy and solder pastes and fluxes. BrazeTec materials are used to manufacture a wide range of products, from simple everyday objects to high-grade tools and bulk industrial products. Examples include spectical frames, cooking pans, hard metal tipped circular saw blades, mills, radiators and air conditioning equipment. Its products are also used in installation engineering (gas, heating and water). BrazeTec produces and sells these products through a global sales and logistics organisation and has production facilities in Hanau/Germany, Vicenza/Italy, Glens Falls/USA, São Paulo/Brazil and Suzhou/China.

Using its many years of experience and expert knowledge of brazing and soldering processes in specific sectors of industry, BrazeTec's own Brazing Center develops solutions customised to the requirements of individual clients and develops techniques for bonding metallic materials, hard metals and ceramics.

Supporting our manufacturing strength is BrazeTec’s Brazing Center in Hanau, Germany. This one of a kind facility matches BrazeTec’s experience and technical expertise with our customers’ applications.  The results are innovative added value for our customers.


Umicore Technical Materials North America Inc.
BrazeTec Division
9 Pruyn´s Island Drive
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Tel. +1 518-932-0559
Fax +1 518-792-3162
Contact: Mr. Tim O´Leary
E-Mail: timothy.o'


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